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The Power of Marketing to Expand Your Practice

Let’s get real for a moment. You became a financial planner because your passion, focus and expertise are in, well, financial planning, of course. Your strong business background, understanding of the financial markets and organizational skills means you possess the tools to excel in helping clients build wealth, plan for the future and enjoy peace of mind.

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A Collaborative Partnership

We realize marketing may not be your strength, and that is okay. This is where The Pelora Group offers a significant advantage. Each of our advisors has full access to our in-house marketing team – an experienced group of exceptional marketers that works with you to pursue your marketing goals, identify opportunities and determine how your specific skill set aligns with your target audience. Our goal is to support you so that you can focus on what really matters – revenue-producing activities.


Whether you are interested in building your brand, identifying target markets, or creating positive client experiences that lead to those coveted referrals, our marketing team will walk with you each step of the way. Our team has expertise in working within individual advisor practices, as well as, the broader scope of digital marketing. This means you will have a marketing team that understands the needs and opportunities inside of your own practice, while bringing in relevant, fresh, and strategic ideas to promote your business. It will not take long to realize what an invaluable asset and advantage this is for building your brand and achieving your goals.


Our team stays current on the latest marketing trends and maintains a strong relationship with our supervision team to ensure our advisors can market themselves effectively and compliantly. We are also big advocates of having advisors use a brand that aligns with their ideal client. In fact, over 50 percent of our financial advisors use their own brand.


Our Process

We have all heard the 80/20 rule – 80 percent of your revenue comes from 20 percent of your loyal clients, right? Well, we tap into that maxim and coach our advisors to see if the 80/20 rule applies in their practice, and if so, how can we be sure their client experience aligns with the overall goal of their practice.


You are probably thinking, “Sounds great! How much will this cost me?” As a partner of The Pelora Group, there is no cost to leverage this support model. We even subsidize some of the marketing assets our advisors need, like logo creation, website development and more. Our leadership team understands the tremendous value in helping advisors properly market themselves, and in turn, commits to making a substantial investment in that support on each advisor’s behalf.


In today’s competitive market, just being great at your job simply is not enough. Creating exposure and marketing your business to the right target group is a crucial step to get you where you are going and reaching your goals. As your most valued business partner, The Pelora Group is here to guide and support you in your journey to success.



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