Individual Growth Services

Our Commitment to Your Growth

Whether you’re an experienced leader or new to the industry, your individual development is key to remaining impactful and relevant to your clients. We foster your growth through top-industry leadership, coaching, and our advisor development program.

Centered on our culture and core values, we work with you to integrate process improvements focused on solution-based selling, organic growth, attracting talent, and having a profitable business. We take a process-driven and programmatic approach to firm management development and accountability that aligns with early advisor productivity and retention strategies.

Your Commitment to Growth

  • Being a student of the business isn't just about becoming more skilled and knowledgeable for yourself; it’s also about showing up and doing what's best for your clients.
  • Sharing your business acumen is a great way to empower your clients to make and adhere to their decisions; to follow their financial roadmap. 
  • Servant leadership starts with not only the desire but the intellectual capital to best lead, advise and serve your community of prospects and clients. 

Growth Resources Available to You

  • Advisor Development Program (ADP): A collaborative and advisor-led training program focused on knowledge and skills 
  • The American College Financial Services Certified Professional® (FSCP®) Program 
  • Fast Start Academy (FSA): Our dedicated onboarding program, accredited by The American College 
  • Study Groups for advisors and their team members
  • Advisor Coaching and Practice Management Consulting Team