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The Pelora Group: Charting the Path to Future Success

MassMutual Carolinas Rebrands to The Pelora Group

We are The Pelora Group. Our journey has been grounded in the Carolinas since 1890, previously under the name MassMutual Carolinas. While we have a new name and brand, our values are the same. We are a community of professionals who partner with financial advisors to navigate successful futures for themselves, their families and their clients.

Our leadership team is deeply committed to investing in our community of clients, advisors and team members to reach their goals and enhance their lives. We take great pride in what sets us apart by giving our advisors the personalized tools, guidance and support they need to thrive. It is why we are excited about our rebrand, which exemplifies our commitment and provides an innovative roadmap to help our team chart the path to future growth and success.

We are excited to share our story with you. Learn more about how and why we rebranded from MassMutual Carolinas to The Pelora Group.

Why Rebrand?

Our new brand is built on the history of our organization but is future-oriented to reflect where we are going. It is about how we are evolving into many generations of people and bringing in younger generations into this business. We represent a lot more than a product as an organization. We support businesses and people dedicated to growing or passing on what they have grown to the next generation. To have a brand that our team could identify with and be excited about is instrumental to our future growth and success.

Why Now?

Changes and updates in our industry made this a timely moment to make a change. Our rebrand has been a thoughtful process, and the timing worked well with the rollout of our 360 customer service platform last year.

The Process

We partnered with Circa Creative Studios. During their thorough fact-finding and brainstorm process, one of the challenges we put forth was not using a name that was common and only specific to our firm. We wanted a story for our advisors to use with our clients and for us to use with our advisors. Circa was instrumental in helping execute this vision, as well as creating our logo and branding guidelines, digital audit, overview, web style and tone, and content strategy.

From there, we worked with Moonlight Creative Group to design and build our new website.

The process was a collaborative effort with our creative partners and team members. Through our firm’s Brand Ambassador program, we involved staff in the rebranding process to provide feedback and build a community around our new brand.

What Does “Pelora” Mean?

The name, The Pelora Group, originates at the intersection of three key points: pelorus (relative bearings), Polaris (true north) and plethora (abundance). Our goal is to help our advisors determine a direction that is right for them while helping them set, and stay, a steadfast course. Everything we do is about helping our team and clients achieve genuine fulfillment.

What is The Pelora Group?

The Pelora Group is a community of professionals that help advisors navigate successful futures for themselves, their families, and their clients. We come alongside you as your most valued business partner and are the source of everything you need to be impactful and relevant: services, tools, technology, and resources.

What does The Pelora Group mean for financial advisors?

You are working with a community of dedicated professionals who are coming alongside you to help you to grow and reach the destination you call success. Our unique approach to the way we serve our advisors sets us apart. Through localized expertise, our continued investment in your success, and our commitment to helping you stay relevant and navigate change, you can enjoy the independence you seek, yet never be alone on your journey.

Explore our brand story here.


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