CLT Business Journal - Best Places to Work 2022

Among Charlotte’s Best Places to Work 2022

The Charlotte Business Journal (CBJ) hosts its “Best Places to Work” program each year to highlight companies in the Greater Charlotte region that link bottom-line goals with what employees care about to attract – and keep – top talent.

We were thrilled to be recognized among the “Best Places to Work” for the eighth time by CBJ. Our firm placed 6th in the mid-size business category in 2022.

In a recent episode of our “Winning Through Culture” podcast, hosts Tim Flanagan and Amanda Kramer discussed what it takes to achieve the title of “Best Places to Work” and how to become the best version of yourself.

Whether it’s identifying a prospective employee that fits your organization’s culture or you are looking for a job, think of the hiring process like a home inspection. Take the time to interview and scrutinize a prospective employer or employee.

The following are three essential questions for prospective employees to ask and for organizations to use as an assessment tool:

  • How does the organization celebrate successes?
  • How are mistakes handled and moved through?
  • If there is a failure, how is it used as a learning opportunity?

“If you really want to be the best place to work, it’s about focusing on the people who are there, investing in them and in their personal and professional growth so that they deliver a great experience and products to your customers,” said Flanagan, CLU®, ChFC®, CFP®, ChSNC™, president of The Pelora Group.

Anticipate mistakes since there are no perfect employers or employees. It is how one responds to mistakes or failures that is truly important. And it is up to the employer to create opportunities for growth that impact employees. 

As a leader, it is important to have an honest assessment of your company, how to improve it, and make a substantive and meaningful impact on the lives of the people who work there. This will translate into a greater service or product delivery to your customers who create the revenue that drives the engine of your business. This is the lifecycle of an organization and what makes it a best place to work.

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