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Celebrating Our Successes as The Pelora Group in 2022

Many of our financial professionals and team members went above and beyond in 2022 in serving their clients and living out our core values. We take great pride in partnering with our team to help them reach their goals and enhance their lives. It’s always inspiring watching them thrive and succeed and getting to celebrate their achievements.

A Night of Entertainment and Celebration

We recently brought everyone together under our new brand, The Pelora Group, at The Canopy Hotel in SouthPark for a fun evening of recognition along with craps, poker, and blackjack. We had some big winners, with the grand prize being a $2,500 donation from Hands & Feet to a charitable organization of the winner’s choice.

“Congratulations to everyone for their hard work, dedication and accomplishments,” said Amanda Kramer, Director of Advisor Experience at The Pelora Group. “We had a blast bringing our work community together in a unique, fun way that honors those who make every day great at The Pelora Group.”

Some of our stand-out award winners in 2022:

  • Advisor of the Year: Donald P. Robbins
  • Rising Leader of the Year: Matthew Foster
  • First Year Rising Leader: Will Koster, Joel Heimbigner
  • Second Year Rising Leader: Matthew Foster, Hannah Butler
  • Brand Ambassador Award: Steven E. Krasnipol
  • Star Award: John Meissner
  • Culture Ambassador Award: Hannah Butler
  • Pinnacle Award: Matthew Pawlowski
  • Growth Award: Ryan Donaghy
  • Professional Development Award: Centario Grier
  • Conviction Award: John Dameron
  • Academy of Honor: Stephen Perkins
  • Rookie of the Year: Joel Heimbigner
  • Stewardship Award: Brian Willis
  • Emerging Leaders: Jordan Bilodeau, Nick Burns, Anna Mueller, Joe Miller, Gwen Barr, Joannah Long, Emily Hall, Shanda Mahoney, Geoffrey Pyke, Milan Patel and Don Tooley
  • Top Wealth Management Team: Spaugh Dameron Tenny
  • Herb Spaugh Award – Formal Team of the Year: Rhyne Financial
  • Herb Spaugh Award – Elite Team of the Year: Robbins Financial Group

The Pelora Group in 2023

Having a talented and remarkable team of leaders, motivators and people has been the key to our success this past year. We are incredibly proud of their achievements in 2022 and know that these recipients will continue to shine in 2023. As we navigate this year, we look forward to guiding our team in charting the course to personal and professional success and development while celebrating accomplishments within our organization.


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